[What I Read] Thirteen Reasons Why :: Jay Asher

Thirteen Reasons Why

Jay Asher

So, Maybe i am just coming late to this party ( which i often am) but this book was an addiction to read. It was a fast read ( about 3 hrs for me) But i was unable to put it down.

So here is the jist:

The story follows Clay Jensen who is just your average high schooler, Not too popular or too geeky. An overall nice guy. Than this world changed. One day he receives a package from Hannah Baker, a girl who committed suicide 2 weeks earlier and whom he had a crush, with 13 cassette tapes in it. In these 13 tapes Hannah talks you through the 13 reasons why she committed suicide. And these tapes were only sent to the people that are on the Tapes. Over one night, Clay crisscrosses the town following Hannah’s directions ( a map included in the package) discovering secrets of his classmates, as why he is on the tapes.

My thoughts:

From the moment i heard the concept of this book from my neighbor i knew i had to read it. I am currently on a YA kick with my books and i can never turn down a recommendation. Overall i really enjoyed the story of the book. I thought the tone, pace, and rhetoric were on par with what i was hoping the story to be.  I thought the story was well written, the characters well developed, and the voice the author gave to Hannah was heartbreaking, but relateable.

As i stated before, i really enjoyed the concept of the story, but more than that i really enjoyed the characters. It would have been easy for the author to create an overly dramatic and nonrealistic voice to Hannah, but he did not. Her voice was what i expected from a 17 year old girl and it brought me back the high school. The drama, the awkwardness, the just trying to fit in. The story had alot of truth to it, and would be a great discussion book for High school and middle schoolers to open up about their feeling of depression and suicide.

Though, reading some others reviews on Amazon and Goodreads, i do agree that her reasons were all good reasons. Though, i will play the devils advocate and state that when you are in high school, Her reasons could of felt like life and death. Sometimes the feelings that people have and the reasons people do things may not be the same as yours, but they are important to them.


In the end, I really enjoyed this book. The characters were engrossing, the story was well thought out. The book really doesn’t have a beginning or an ending, it is just floating through time. I would highly recommend this to YA book readers who are looking for a quicker read that will make you think as well as open up a discussion with others .



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