What i love about Minnesota

Minnesota is not for everyone. The frigid cold, the never ending elements, the sweltering heat that causes you not to want to leave your air conditioned home even to  grab ice cream. But for all the faults, it more than makes up for it with its spring and fall.

For example, this morning i was driving to my friend’s house in the country. It was grey cold, and damp in the air. The wind could bite you. But though all the negatives of the day. it was beautiful. The fog coming over the road, the haze that went on for miles. Beauty, at its original state.

Misty Minnesota

Than as the morning went on the sun starting coming out, the wind started to rise up, and the leaves started to russel. Inviting you to sit outside in the sun and read a good book [my current is The Eye of the World by Robert Jordan]. To drink in  the nature, to use its beauty as inspiration.

Now, that is the real minnesota.


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